SpaceFund is a new type of venture capital firm, providing near-term liquidity through security tokens and informed investing in a diversified portfolio of space companies.

A New Venture Capital Model

Expert Team

Technologists, thought leaders, investors, and business builders in the space and blockchain industries.

Unique Access

Risk mitigation through insider access and in-the-know investing in a diversified portfolio of high-growth space companies.

Traditional Structure

Common venture capital structure: US Management company and team, with a fund in Delaware and an international fund in development.

Breakthrough Approach

Democratized financial instruments and regulated digital securities (security tokens) to unlock liquidity and smooth compliance.

SpaceFund One – The World’s First Space Security Token

Fully Compliant

Essentially ‘digital stock’ representing LP interest in the fund, with full regulatory transparency and compliance.

Qualified Investors

Currently available to accredited investors through a traditional ‘Reg D’ offering.

Investment Flexibility

Via security token, or traditional investment, LPs gain exposure to a historically inaccessible and high-value asset class.

SpaceFund Reality Rating

The SpaceFund Reality rating (SFR) is an effort to provide critical, intelligent, and non-biased information about the status of the growing space industry, and to make as much of this data available to the public as possible. SpaceFund is interested in a number of sectors of the new space economy, and in the coming months we will post SFR ratings for companies from all of these sectors, providing a robust overview of the state of frontier-enabling companies from across the industry. However, the launch sub-sector is by far the most advanced of any of the SpaceFund sectors of interest, with over 100 companies competing for a relatively limited market. For this reason, we decided to publish our SFR ratings for the launch industry first, and have now made available to the public the entire database of information we uncovered.

Updates from the Frontier

Boys Like Rockets – and we have too many.

Building and flying rockets is a prime obsession of many male engineers and entrepreneurs in this industry, and because the space industry is still mainly made up of boys, well, there are a lot of rockets. Too many rockets in fact (and yes, too many boys as well, but that’s a different blog post).

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Two Revolutions

The blockchain revolution seeks to open finance and governance to everyone. Its goal is to enable people to establish and manage their own financial and legal lives. The space revolution seeks to open the solar system to everyone. Its goal is to enable humanity to expand beyond the Earth.

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Space will be Tokenized


Number of NewSpace startups that remain unfunded


NewSpace investment that comes from venture capital


Estimated liquidity premium for early stage companies

While SpaceFund believes that the payoff from investing in space will be astronomical, the kinds of companies that can change the universe are, by their very nature, high risk. Historically, reaching their goals has required large amounts of capital, and has often tied that capital up for decades. The one-two punch of being both high-risk and low-liquidity means these types of investments are simply unpalatable to all but a few billionaires and governments. However, SpaceFund has developed a model to remove these (and other) barriers to space investing,  allowing a much wider pool of investors to profit from the space revolution that is now underway.

SpaceFund believes that new advances in digital asset ownership, specifically regulated and fully compliant Security Tokens, are the solution to the space liquidity problem. This new digital financial technology utilizes the transparency, security, and ease-of-access of the immutable blockchain ledger. By reducing friction to trade, security tokens can provide near-term exit opportunities for investors, greatly increasing liquidity of investments in private companies. SpaceFund has coupled this new financial technology with a traditional venture capital structure that mitigates risk through both diversifying investor interests across dozens of companies and  providing the expertise to choose the most high growth and high value projects. This provides investors with the groundbreaking combination of near-term liquidity and informed investing in the space industry.

Who We Are

SpaceFund is a renaissance team of leaders in the space, blockchain and financial worlds, who have come together to build something new. We helped create the NewSpace and blockchain revolutions. Our team includes the founders of some of the most influential and successful companies, groups, and projects in both industries. Our advisors and partners buttress our foundation and leverage our capabilities. This is the right team to find, finance, and build the startups that will change the future. And more than that, we have the tools, the resources, the network, and the experience to guide investors to the right companies – and to guide those companies to profitability.


Rick Tumlinson
Founding Partner
A “godfather” of the space revolution. 30+ years defining, enabling and founding many of the pillars of the frontier movement, from the private takeover of Russia’s Mir space station, to the X-Prize, and the first private ticket to ISS. Six-time congressional witness, his prolific writings set the philosophies and legislative pillars of NewSpace itself.

Meagan Crawford
Managing Partner
Entrepreneur, business educator, space industry pioneer, experienced executive and investor. Co-founded world’s longest running space business plan competition, and has taught, coached, and advised hundreds of space startups through their earliest stages – including some of the current generation of successful companies.

David A. Johnston
General Partner
Co-founder of 7 tech startups before 30. A pioneer in decentralized applications, he co-founded the first crypto angel investor group and co-founded the first all-crypto venture fund. He is also the founder of Yeoman’s Capital, the world’s first all-crypto family office.
Andrew Yashchuk
General Partner
Successful early blockchain investor and leader in the bitcoin and blockchain community, Co-founder/VP of Development for Factom, Advisor to Polymath and several more leading blockchain companies.
Roland Hicks
General Partner
Managing Director, SkyBridge Asset Management. Founding Member of the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. Co-founder and advisor to several blockchain and world changing companies ranging from the web to real estate.
Dmitry Segal
General Partner
Part of a new wave of European technology investors and entrepreneurs, with a history of successful portfolio management and investments in a variety of high-tech industries, including many space investments.

Senior Advisors

Grant Bonin, MaSc
CTO of Deep Space Industries. Former mission manager of the world-renowned SpaceFlight Laboratory (SFL). Widely respected engineering team leader with over 20 spacecraft in orbit. Advisor to multiple high-tech space companies.
Dustin Boyer
Commercialization Manager and Strategic Analysis in support of DARPA SBIR/STTR Programs. Strategic Advisor, DNA Fund, and an investor with more than 12 years experience working with high tech and space companies.
E. David Ellington
Co-Founder, President at GridSpeak. Founder & GP of Emory Capital Group. Former Commissioner & Trustee of the $18B San Francisco Retirement Board. Founder & Executive Chairman of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society.
Olga Feldmeier

Christened as ‘Bitcoin Queen’ by the media, Olga is a visionary entrepreneur focused on the intersection of banking and blockchain technology. Olga is a global influencer, nominated as 100 digital shapers (CH), top 10 female blockchain founders, and top 100 power women in fintech (UK).
Gavin Gillas
Chief Partnership Officer at Yeoman’s Capital. Experienced tech CEO and entrepreneur with a history of success in IP-driven, high-tech companies. Experienced startup mentor and investor.
Dr. James Logan
20 years as NASA Chief of Flight Medicine and Medical Operations. Mission Control Surgeon, Deputy Crew Surgeon or Crew Surgeon for 25 space shuttle missions.
Dr. John Mankins
Former head of NASA’s Exploration Systems Research and Technology Division. Creator of today’s aerospace global standard TRL System (Technology Readiness Level).
Jonas Norr
Jonas Lauren Norr has been investing in early stage ventures for 15 years. He has been the Founder or a C-level exec to 5 companies, 2 of which made public offerings. Sectors included: renewable energy, biotech, education, media, and real assets.
Amit Pradhan
President of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. Executive Chairman of Zero Labs, and GP at JetVentures. Creator, investor & speaker focused on the future of responsible AI & decentralization.
Ken Sunshine
Co-Founder of Vector Space Systems, and CFO and investor in several technology firms. Extensive experience in capital markets, IPOs, M&A, contracting, and the financial, regulatory, and legal matters unique to space companies.
Ivan RosenbergIvan Rosenberg
Managing Partner Invista Inc. Co-Founder of The Aerospace & Defense Forum. Founder of Uniquely Abled Project. 30+ years experience in executive management and organizational excellence
Leo Womack, Investment Committee Chair
With over 50 years experience as a professional investor, he has performed due diligence on hundreds of startups and participated in dozens of funding rounds. He is founder of Ramsey Financial Group, and is the founder and former chairman of the Houston Angel Network.

How we Invest

SpaceFund invests in visionary yet practical high-growth startups addressing the multi-billion dollar space markets that will both enable and benefit from the space revolution – with a focus on those with products and concepts that can be monetized on Earth today. We don’t invest in “aerospace” and we don’t chase “swarms” of satellites or drones. We largely avoid rockets (but we might invest in space transportation) and we don’t invest in weapons. We know our fields, and we know who to call. We value integrity, humility, and pragmatism – even as we seek out the nimble, bold, and innovative.

We also don’t “fire and forget” when it comes to investing. We nurture, cultivate, and curate those we choose to join our family, and we are in this for the long haul.

Sectors of Interest


Moving things on and off planetary bodies, and moving things around in space.


Sending data between locations in space, or between Earth and space.

Human Factors

Everything needed to keep humans alive in space and improve their lives on Earth.


In-space supply chain to support human and robotic activities in space.


Energy created or captured in space, for use in space or on Earth.


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Our Vision

Open the frontier of space to humanity.

Enable everyone to help open that frontier.

Let anyone who shares in the risk, also share in the profits.

SpaceFund is a new type of venture capital firm, providing near-term liquidity through security tokens and informed investing in a diversified portfolio of space companies.

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