"...the world’s first trillionaire is going to make their fortune in space." *

SpaceFund provides insider, knowledge-based investing in a diversified portfolio of space companies.

Expert Team

Technologists, thought leaders, investors, and business builders in the space and blockchain industries.

Unique Access

Risk mitigation through insider access and in-the-know investing in a diversified portfolio of high-growth space companies.

Traditional VC Structure

Common venture capital structure: US Management company and team, with a fund in Delaware and an international fund in development.

Breakthrough Approach

Democratized financial instruments and regulated digital securities (security tokens) to unlock liquidity and smooth compliance.

Reality Rating

The SpaceFund Reality rating (SFR) provides critical, intelligent, and thorough information about the status of the growing space industry, and makes as much of this data available to the public as possible. It was designed to provide investors, customers, regulators, media, and the industry itself with a quick guide and assessment of players old and new in the various sub-sectors of the space industry – with a focus on those relevant to the human breakout into space.

The SFR is structured to cut through the hype of PowerPoint and animations and get to the core questions that any outsider needs to answer – who is who, who is doing what, and what are the chances of their success – in other words: Are they real?

It is our goal to close this information gap, first with the SpaceFund Reality rating databases, and then through other ongoing research and publication initiatives.

SpaceFund Sectors of Interest

SpaceFund is interested in a number of sectors of the space economy, specifically Transportation, Communication, Human Factors, Supplies, and Energy. In the coming months we will post SFR ratings for companies from all of these sectors, providing a robust overview of the state of frontier-enabling companies across the industry. To begin, we have created an SFR database for the Earth-to-Space sub-sector of Transportation (launch), as well as a database for the Beyond Earth Orbit sub-sector of Communication, the Habitats sector of Human Factors, and the Satellite Servicing sector of Supply Chain. We also created a special database in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing, called the Moon List that catalogs those companies who are working on a permanent return to the Moon. Please check back frequently to view new sub-sector databases, and sign up to receive our emails to be notified of each new release.

Click on the black buttons below to view the available SFR databases.

Special Database

Updates from the Frontier

Rising Star: Axiom Space

Location, location, location. If what they say is true – and within a practical margin of engineering bravado error we believe it is – within a few years Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and Elon Musk’s SpaceX are going to be able to transport large numbers of people to and from space. Yet today, outside of China’s government facility, we have only one space station in orbit.

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Why We’re Not on the Moon

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first humans to walk on the Moon, you might notice we aren’t celebrating it on the Moon. Why? Having achieved the greatest feat in human history, why is all we have to show for it flags, footprints, and footage?

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Rising Star: Orbit Fab

OrbitFab is an example of the new way to do business in space by disrupting from within – identify a need based on a blindspot in the traditional market and apply the frontier paradigm to the solution. Also, if you can, work within the system, burn as little of your investor’s funds as needed and get to the proof of your concept as fast as possible.

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Boys Like Rockets – and we have too many.

Building and flying rockets is a prime obsession of many male engineers and entrepreneurs in this industry, and because the space industry is still mainly made up of boys, well, there are a lot of rockets. Too many rockets in fact (and yes, too many boys as well, but that’s a different blog post).

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Two Revolutions

The blockchain revolution seeks to open finance and governance to everyone. Its goal is to enable people to establish and manage their own financial and legal lives. The space revolution seeks to open the solar system to everyone. Its goal is to enable humanity to expand beyond the Earth.

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How we Invest

SpaceFund invests in visionary yet practical high-growth startups addressing the multi-billion dollar space markets that will both enable and benefit from the space revolution – with a focus on those with products and concepts that can be monetized on Earth today. We don’t invest in “aerospace” and we don’t chase “swarms” of satellites or drones. We largely avoid rockets (but we might invest in space transportation) and we don’t invest in weapons. We know our fields, and we know who to call. We value integrity, humility, and pragmatism – even as we seek out the nimble, bold, and innovative.

We also don’t “fire and forget” when it comes to investing. We nurture, cultivate, and curate those we choose to join our family, and we are in this for the long haul.

Sectors of Interest


Moving things on and off planetary bodies, and moving things around in space.


Sending data between locations in space, or between Earth and space.

Human Factors

Everything needed to keep humans alive in space and improve their lives on Earth.


In-space supply chain to support human and robotic activities in space.


Energy created or captured in space, for use in space or on Earth.

Who We Are

SpaceFund is a renaissance team of leaders in the space, blockchain and financial worlds, who have come together to build something new. We helped create the NewSpace and blockchain revolutions. Our team includes the founders of some of the most influential and successful companies, groups, and projects in both industries. Our advisors and partners buttress our foundation and leverage our capabilities. This is the right team to find, finance, and build the startups that will change the future. And more than that, we have the tools, the resources, the network, and the experience to guide investors to the right companies – and to guide those companies to profitability.

Meet the Team

Rick Tumlinson

Founding Partner
Space Visionary & Founder

Meagan Crawford

Managing Partner
Space Startup Expert

David Johnston

General Partner
Founder: Yeoman’s Growth Capital

Andrew Yashchuk

General Partner
Founder: Factom, Inc.

Roland Hicks

General Partner
Managing Director, SkyBridge Asset Management

Dmitry Segal

General Partner
Experienced Tech Investor

Andrew Granatstein

Aerospace Engineer

Rich Evans

Communications Manager
Social Media & PR Expert

Leo Womack

Investment Committee Chair
50+ years Investment Experience

Olga Feldmeier

Senior Advisor
Founder, Smart Valor

E. David Ellington

Senior Advisor
Founder, Silicon Valley Blockchain Society

Gavin Gillas

Senior Advisor
Chief Partnership Officer, Yeoman’s Capital

Amit Pradhan

Senior Advisor
Executive Chairman, Zero Labs


Grant Bonin

Senior Advisor
Chief Engineer (Payloads) at Rocket Lab

Dr. Jim Logan

Senior Advisor
Flight surgeon, 25 space shuttle missions

Dr. John Mankins

Senior Advisor
Creator of the NASA Technology Readiness Level (TRL)


Jonas Norr

Senior Advisor
Founder, Gravity Ranch

Ken Sunshine

Senior Advisor
Co-founder of Vector Launch Inc.

Dustin Boyer

Senior Advisor
Commercialization Manager, DARPA

Shawn Usman

Senior Advisor
Founder, Rhea Space Activity

Ivan Rosenberg

Senior Advisor
Co-Founder, Aerospace & Defense Forum

Paul McDonnell

Senior Advisor
Founder, Impact.ai Ltd


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Our Vision

Open the frontier of space to humanity.

Enable everyone to help open that frontier.

Let anyone who shares in the risk, also share in the profits.

NY Post Report on 2017 Goldman Sachs Study, ‘Space the Next Investment Frontier.

SpaceFund is a new type of venture capital firm, providing near-term liquidity through security tokens and informed investing in a diversified portfolio of space companies.

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