Meet the SpaceFund Team

SpaceFund is a renaissance team of leaders in the space and financial worlds, who have come together to build something new. The SpaceFund team  includes the founders of some of the most influential and successful companies, groups, and projects in the space and finance industries. Our advisors buttress our foundation and leverage our capabilities. This is the right team to find, finance, and build the space startups that will change the future. And more than that, we have the tools, the resources, the network, and the experience to guide those companies to profitable exits.

Rick Tumlinson

Founder, Chairman Emeritus

A “godfather” of the Space Revolution who literally coined the term “NewSpace,” Rick spent 35+ years defining the philosophy and legislative core of commercial space. A six time Congressional witness, he led the private takeover of Russia’s Mir space station, sold the first private astronaut ticket, was a founding board member of the XPrize, and co-founded several space companies and organizations.

Meagan Crawford

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

An entrepreneur, business educator, space industry pioneer, experienced executive, and investor, Meagan co-founded the world’s longest running space business plan competition, and has taught, coached, and advised hundreds of space startups through their earliest stages – including some of the current generation of successful companies. A leading advocate for women in space, she is also the host of the “Mission Eve” podcast.

Dan Schatzman

Dan Schatzman

Board Chairman, CEO & Sr. Managing Partner

Global, Fortune 500 executive. Founder of several successful companies, and veteran space investor. He is an expert in corporate turnarounds, and a seasoned and pragmatic manager and consultant, known for his level head and financial expertise.

Leo Womack

Board Member, Investment Committee Chair

30+ years of traditional investment expertise, co-founder of the Houston Angel Network, CEO and founder of Ramsey Financial Group, a single family office, managing a diverse investment portfolio of public and private companies from real estate, oil/gas, medical devices, agriculture, and other industries.

Jaime Velasco


International finance expert, Former divisional CFO for Bank Santander (a 70,000+ employee international organization). Experience in start ups and companies ranging from $5 million in revenue to Fortune 100 corporations. Led several startups from fundraising to  successful exits.

Junaid Mian

Principal, Life Sciences

A pharmacist, entrepreneur, and investor who invested early in several successful NewSpace companies. Known for being ahead of the curve, Junaid is now utilizing his experience to invest in early-stage companies commercializing space-based research to increase healthspan, lifespan, and well-being.

SpaceFund Advisors

Dylan Taylor

Industry & Strategy Advisor

Global business leader,  philanthropist, top space investor, active pioneer in the space exploration industry as a CEO, thought leader and futurist. He is Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, a multi-national space holding firm that acquires and integrates leading space exploration enterprises globally.

Shawn Usman

Technical & IC Advisor

Astrophysicist with over a decade of federal service in developing high-risk/high-reward R&D efforts to support U.S. intelligence Community (IC) reconnaissance operations. Founder of Rhea Space Activity.

E. David Ellington

Investment Advisor

Founder & GP of Emory Capital Group. Former Trustee of the $18B San Francisco Retirement Board. Founder of Silicon Valley Blockchain Society. Lawyer, entreprenuer, investor.

Dustin Boyer

Technical & DOD Advisor

Commercialization Manager and Strategic Analysis in support of DARPA’s SBIR/STTR Programs. Director, Zukin Partners, Techstars Entrepreneur in Residence, investor with more than 12 years experience working with high tech and space companies.

Dr. John Mankins

Technical & NASA Advisor

Former head of NASA’s Exploration Systems Research and Technology Division. Creator of today’s aerospace global standard TRL System (Technology Readiness Level).

Dr. James Logan

Health & BioMedical Advisor

20 years as NASA Chief of Flight Medicine and Medical Operations. Mission Control Surgeon, Deputy Crew Surgeon or Crew Surgeon for 25 space shuttle missions. Founding Board American Telemedicine Association, Co-Founder of the Space Enterprise Institute.