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Space Investing in Uncertain Times:  COVID-19 and the Space Industry

Join SpaceFund experts as they provide an overview of investing in the space sector and share insights on how current events will affect the industry.

Meagan Crawford

Meagan Crawford

Managing Partner

Rick Tumlinson

Rick Tumlinson

Founder, Chairman

Andrew Granatstein

Andrew Granatstein

Lead Analyst

As we all practice social distancing and are working in isolation, we at SpaceFund would like to invite space-interested accredited investors to an informative (and hopefully fun) virtual social interaction. Please join us on Tuesday, April 7th at 1PM Eastern for a live webinar.

During the webinar we’ll provide an overview of the space industry, including current market size and growth projections, and an overview of the investment landscape. We’ll also discuss our thoughts on how the space industry will be affected by COVID-19, including insights on how this will affect the space start-up community. Our presentations will be followed by an interactive Q/A session.

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