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The Moon List

The Moon List

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon. In honor of this event, and in recognition of recently announced plans to return, SpaceFund is proud to present the Moon List.

In recent months our SpaceFund Reality (SFR) rating databases have drawn much attention in the field, quickly becoming a standard reference for those interested in the rise of a new space industry. While some of the firms listed below do appear in past SFRs and some will appear in future databases, The Moon List is not an SFR and does not rate the companies listed. Rather, it is intended to provide a database of who is doing what, where, and how – as part of this new effort. 

Members of the SpaceFund team helped start the movement to establish a permanent human presence on the Moon. We believe that an enlightened partnership between governments and a strong, vibrant commercial sector is exactly what is needed to make it happen. The Moon List is our way to both support and celebrate what we hope is at last the beginning of humanity’s Return to the Moon – this time To Stay.

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How to Provide Updated Data

Have we missed your company? Is the listed data inaccurate or outdated? Do you see missing data for your company? The best way to update your information in this database is to reach out to us directly to provide additional information. We are also eager to learn about any additional data sources that can help us in our ongoing research, so please feel free to share any resources you know of with our team.

Updates will be published as new information becomes available.  

SpaceFund Special Database

The Moon List

Moon (2019)

wdt_ID Company Prior SFR? Country HQ Location Sector Sub-Sector Major Moon-focused Gov't Contracts/Partnerships Description
1 4th Planet Logistics Yes USA Mundelein, IL Human Factors Surface Habitat - Creating and testing habitats from naturally occurring terrestrial lava tubes analogous to the Moon, in order to allow humans to find a new home in the future
2 Aerojet Rocketdyne No USA Canoga Park, CA Transportation Lander, Launch Space Launch System (NASA/Boeing); NextSTEP Appendix E: Human Lunar Landers Studying a Lunar transfer vehicle and providing the RS-25 & RL 10 engines for the SLS
3 AGILE Space Propulsion No USA Durango, CO Transportation In-Space Transportation - 3D printing in-space propulsion, optimized for moonshots
4 Airbus No Germany Ottobrunn Human Factors; Supply Chain; Transportation In-Space Habitat; Raw Materials & Mining; In-Space Transportation Orion Service Module (ESA); Lunar Gateway Study (ESA); Study of Lunar ISRU Mission (ESA) Providing Orion's European Service Module, studying lunar Gateway habitat concepts, and leading a study on lunar ISRU
5 ArianeGroup Yes France Paris Supply Chain; Transportation Raw Materials & Mining; Launch Lunar Mission Definition Study (ESA) Studying a mission to the Moon using the Ariane 64, with the aim of mining regolith
6 Astrobotic No USA Pittsburgh, PA Supply Chain; Transportation Raw Materials & Mining; Lander, Rover Lunar CATALYST (NASA); Commercial Lunar Payload Delivery Services (NASA); Study of Lunar ISRU Mission (ESA); Artemis Science & Technology Payload Delivery (NASA) Providing practical missions to lunar destinations
7 Atlas Space Operations Yes USA Traverse City, MI Communication BEO Communication - Partnering with Astrobotic to establish the world’s first laser communication link from the lunar surface
8 Bigelow Aerospace Yes USA Las Vegas, NV Human Factors In-Space Habitat, Surface Habitat NextSTEP Appendix A: Habitation Systems Developing the B330 expandable module habitat prototype, and "First Base", a habitat for the lunar surface
9 Blue Origin Yes USA Kent, WA Supply Chain; Transportation Raw Materials & Mining; Lander, Launch NextSTEP Appendix D: In Situ Resource Utilization; NextSTEP Appendix E: Human Lunar Landers Developing the Blue Moon lunar lander, studying techniques for ISRU on the Moon, and launching payloads on New Glenn
10 Boeing Yes USA Houston, TX Human Factors; Transportation In-Space Habitat; Lander, Launch Space Launch System (NASA); NextSTEP Appendix A: Habitation Systems; NextSTEP Appendix E: Human Lunar Landers Leading the production of the SLS, developing the Exploration Habitat Demonstrator habitat concept, and developing prototypes for lunar transer, descent, and refueling elements
Company Prior SFR? Country HQ Location Sector Sub-Sector Major Moon-focused Gov't Contracts/Partnerships Description

SpaceFund Sectors of Interest

SpaceFund is interested in a number of sectors of the space economy, specifically Transportation, Communication, Human Factors, Supplies, and Energy. In the coming months we will post SFR ratings for companies from all of these sectors, providing a robust overview of the state of frontier-enabling companies across the industry. To begin, we have created an SFR database for the Earth-to-Space sub-sector of Transportation (launch), as well as a database for the Beyond Earth Orbit sub-sector of Communication, the Habitats sector of Human Factors, and the Satellite Servicing sector of Supply Chain. We also created a special database in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo landing, called the Moon List that catalogs those companies who are working on a permanent return to the Moon. Please check back frequently to view new sub-sector databases, and sign up to receive our emails to be notified of each new release.

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Special Database

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