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Space Startup Exits

Space Startup Exits

In our outreach and conversations, the SpaceFund team is frequently asked about space startup exits. Are there any? Yes. Has any value been captured by early investors? Yes. Have there been any IPOs? Yes. 

There have been nearly 50 exits of space startup companies in the last two decades. In the context of who to include in this database, we restricted the list to those founded since the year 2000 who derive a significant portion of their revenue from products or services in space. Of those exits, the average company age was 7 years, and 50% of the exits were US-based companies. Nearly all the exits were mergers or acquisitions, with only one US company going public via a reverse acquisition (Virgin Galactic).

The table below details all the available data on these space startup exits. 

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How to Provide Updated Data

Have we missed your company? Is the listed data inaccurate or outdated? Do you see missing data for your company? The best way to update your information in this database is to reach out to us directly to provide additional information. We are also eager to learn about any additional data sources that can help us in our ongoing research, so please feel free to share any resources you know of with our team.

Updates will be published as new information becomes available.  

SpaceFund Special Database

Last Updated: December 15, 2020

Space Startup Exits

wdt_ID Company Name Country Exit Type Acquirer Exit Valuation ($M) Exit Date Year Founded Description
259 LoadPath United States M&A Redwire (AE Industrial Partners) 0.00 2020 2009 Leading developr of payload adapters, deployable structures, and thermal products for the space industry
260 The Launch Company United States M&A Voyager Space Holdings 0.00 2020 2015 Lowering the cost of access to space through process and automation
261 Blue Canyon Technologies United States M&A Raytheon Technologies 0.00 2020 2008 Leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions
262 Roccor United States M&A Redwire (AE Industrial Partners) 0.00 2020 2012 Enabling next-generation, reliable and low-cost deployable structures to reduce the cost of access to space
263 Hyperion Technologies Netherlands M&A AAC Clyde Space 2.62 2020 2013 Designing products primarily for small spacecraft
264 Made In Space United States M&A Redwire (AE Industrial Partners) 0.00 2020 2010 Developer of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for commercial, industrial and defense space applications
265 Deep Space Systems United States M&A AE Industrial Partners 0.00 2020 2001 Designer/developer of space systems and subsystems
266 Sinclair Interplanetary Canada M&A Rocket Lab 0.00 2020 2001 Supplier of hardware, software, training and expertise with a focus is on low-cost, rapid-schedule programs to produce micro- or nano-satellites.
267 Spaceflight Inc. United States M&A Mitsui & Co./Yamasa 0.00 2020 2010 Provider of satellite infrastructure, rideshare launch offerings, payload integration and global communications networks
268 Audacy United States M&A Electro Optic Systems (EOS) 6.76 2020 2015 Developer of a commercial, in-orbit data relay system
Company Name Country Exit Type Acquirer Exit Valuation ($M) Exit Date Year Founded Description
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