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Space Startup Exits

Space Startup Exits

In our outreach and conversations, the SpaceFund team is frequently asked about space startup exits. Are there any? Yes. Has any value been captured by early investors? Yes. Have there been any IPOs? Yes. 

There have been nearly 50 exits of space startup companies in the last two decades. In the context of who to include in this database, we restricted the list to those founded since the year 2000 who derive a significant portion of their revenue from products or services in space. Of those exits, the average company age was 7 years, and 50% of the exits were US-based companies. Nearly all the exits were mergers or acquisitions, with only one US company going public via a reverse acquisition (Virgin Galactic).

The table below details all the available data on these space startup exits. 

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How to Provide Updated Data

Have we missed your company? Is the listed data inaccurate or outdated? Do you see missing data for your company? The best way to update your information in this database is to reach out to us directly to provide additional information. We are also eager to learn about any additional data sources that can help us in our ongoing research, so please feel free to share any resources you know of with our team.

Updates will be published as new information becomes available.  

SpaceFund Special Database

Last Updated: December 15, 2020

Space Startup Exits

wdt_ID Company Name Country Exit Type Acquirer Exit Valuation ($M) Exit Date Year Founded Description
483 exactEarth Canada IPO - 0.00 2016 2009 Provider of space-based maritime tracking data
484 Terra Bella United States M&A Planet 250.00 2016 2009 Provider of high resolution satellite imagery of Earth
485 GomSpace Sweden IPO - 33.09 2016 2007 Provider of turn-key nanosatellite solutions and platforms
486 Space/Ground System Solutions United States M&A O'Neil Group 0.00 2016 2006 Provider of end-to-end space mission engineering services for the Naval Research Laboratory
487 ÅAC Microtec Sweden IPO - 0.00 2016 2005 Offering microelectronics systems and technology services for space systems
488 Garvey Spacecraft United States M&A Vector Launch 0.00 2016 2000 Aerospace R&D company focused on the development of advanced space technologies and launch vehicle systems
489 Coherent Navigation United States M&A Apple 0.00 2015 2008 Provider of satellite navigation hardware and software services
490 Deimos Imaging Spain M&A UrtheCast 84.50 2015 2006 Provider of Earth observation satellite imagery and analytics
491 InSync Software United States M&A Orbcomm 16.00 2015 2003 Developer of applications for RFID and GPS tracking
492 Skybox Imaging United States M&A Google 478.00 2014 2009 Provider of high resolution satellite imagery of Earth
493 Space Expedition Netherlands M&A XCOR Aerospace 0.00 2014 2008 Provider of spaceflight experiences and services
494 Odyssey Moon United Kingdom M&A Space Services Holdings 0.00 2014 2007 Developer of commercial lunar robotic transportation service
495 UrtheCast Canada IPO/Reverse Merger - 0.00 2013 2010 Operator of a diverse Earth observation sensor system in space
496 Hellas Sat Greece M&A Arabsat 281.00 2013 2001 Premium satellite communications solutions provider
497 Next Giant Leap United States M&A Moon Express 0.00 2012 2007 Developer of commercial payload integrator spacecraft for the Google Lunar X PRIZE
498 Norspace Norway M&A Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace 0.00 2011 2003 Designer, manufacturer and supplier of communications equipment to the international space industry
499 Antwerp Space Belgium M&A OHB-System 0.00 2010 2005 Delivery of satellite communication solutions for scientific, exploration, and telecommunication missions
500 InSync Software United States M&A Identec Group 0.00 2010 2003 Developer of applications for RFID and GPS tracking
501 DOT Imaging Spain M&A Elecnor 0.00 2009 2006 Provider of Earth observation satellite imagery and analytics
502 Antwerp Space Belgium M&A Thales Alenia Space 0.00 2007 2005 Delivery of satellite communication solutions for scientific, exploration, and telecommunication missions
481 Openwhere United States M&A Spaceflight Industries 0.00 2016 2013 Developer of a software platform to request, receive and interact with satellite imagery
482 Assure Space United States M&A AmTrust Financial Services 0.00 2016 2011 Offering space insurance products for launch vehicles and satellites
477 Mynaric Germany IPO - 0.00 2017 2009 Developer and manufacturer of laser communication products for aerospace communications networks
478 Noorsat Jordan M&A Eutelsat 75.00 2017 2004 Provider of satellite telecommunication services for the Middle East
476 OmniEarth United States M&A EagleView Technologies 0.00 2017 2014 Provider of global Earth observation data analytics
474 Millenium Space Systems United States M&A Boeing 0.00 2018 2001 Full service, end-to-end space mission solution provider
475 Lin Industrial Russia M&A Galaktika-Stroy 0.00 2017 2014 Developer of a small satellite launch vehicle
473 Applied Defense Solutions United States M&A L3 53.00 2018 2005 Leader in aerospace engineering, software development, and space situational awareness
480 Sky and Space Global Australia IPO/Reverse Merger - 4.50 2016 2015 Building a commercial telecommunication network using nano-satellites
479 Ultisat United States M&A Speedcast 100.00 2017 2003 Provider of secure and reliable satellite communications
468 FeatureX United States M&A Orbital Insight 0.00 2018 2015 Developer of artificial intelligence for satellite imagery analysis
469 NanoAvionics Lithuania M&A AST&Science 0.00 2018 2014 Provider of commercial-grade small satellite platforms
470 Planetary Resources United States M&A ConsenSys 0.00 2018 2012 Developer of asteroid mining and Earth observation services
471 Tryo Spain M&A SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas 0.00 2018 2011 Developer of RF and microwave technology products and services for the space sector
472 Clyde Space United Kingdom M&A ÅAC Microtec 36.47 2018 2005 Designer/supplier of small and micro spacecraft systems to support the small satellite market
467 TellusLabs United States M&A Indigo Agriculture 0.00 2018 2016 Provider of agricultural intelligence technology, combining machine learning and satellite imagery
465 Virgin Galactic United States IPO/Reverse Merger - 2,300.00 2019 2004 Operater of suborbital spaceflights for space tourists and science missions
466 Glowlink Communications Technology United States M&A ST Engineering 24.30 2019 2000 Provider of products to improve satellite communications and mitigate interferences
441 Apollo Fusion United States M&A Astra 145.00 2021 2016 Developing electric propulsion systems for spacecraft
442 Astra United States IPO/Reverse Merger - 2,100.00 2021 2016 Developing a small launch vehicle to improve life on Earth
443 Oakman Aerospace United States M&A Redwire 0.00 2021 2012 Provider of cutting-edge products and services related to digital engineering, spacecraft and satellite design and development, mission payload development, and data distribution services
444 Deployable Space Systems United States M&A Redwire 0.00 2021 2008 Specializes in the research, design, development, analysis, manufacture and test of innovative mission-enabling deployable space systems
445 The Launch Company United States M&A Voyager Space Holdings 0.00 2020 2015 Lowering the cost of access to space through process and automation
446 Audacy United States M&A Electro Optic Systems (EOS) 6.76 2020 2015 Developer of a commercial, in-orbit data relay system
447 Hyperion Technologies Netherlands M&A AAC Clyde Space 2.62 2020 2013 Designing products primarily for small spacecraft
448 Spaceflight Inc. United States M&A Mitsui & Co./Yamasa 0.00 2020 2013 Provider of satellite infrastructure, rideshare launch offerings, payload integration and global communications networks
449 Roccor United States M&A Redwire 0.00 2020 2012 Enabling next-generation, reliable and low-cost deployable structures to reduce the cost of access to space
450 Made In Space United States M&A Redwire 0.00 2020 2010 Developer of state-of-the-art manufacturing technology for commercial, industrial and defense space applications
451 Nanoracks (XO Markets) United States M&A Voyager Space Holdings 0.00 2020 2009 The world's leading provider of commercial space services
452 LoadPath United States M&A Redwire 0.00 2020 2009 Leading developr of payload adapters, deployable structures, and thermal products for the space industry
453 Blue Canyon Technologies United States M&A Raytheon Technologies 0.00 2020 2008 Leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions
454 Deep Space Systems United States M&A Redwire 0.00 2020 2001 Designer/developer of space systems and subsystems
455 Sinclair Interplanetary Canada M&A Rocket Lab 0.00 2020 2001 Supplier of hardware, software, training and expertise with a focus is on low-cost, rapid-schedule programs to produce micro- or nano-satellites.
456 SEOPS United States M&A Hypergiant 0.00 2019 2017 Provider of satellite transportation, integration and deployment solutions & services
457 CNIM Air Space France M&A Constructions industrielles de la Méditerranée 0.00 2019 2015 Designer and manufacturer of stratospheric balloons
458 Jade Aerospace Germany M&A Swedish Space Corporation 0.00 2019 2014 Provider of space engineering and consulting services in Europe
459 Deep Space Industries United States M&A Bradford 0.00 2019 2012 Developer of asteroid mining services and technologies
460 Stratolaunch United States M&A Cerberus Capital 0.00 2019 2011 Delivery of satellites to orbit via an air-launch platform
461 Altius Space Machines United States M&A Voyager Space Holdings 0.00 2019 2010 Developer of a robotic spacecraft servicing platform
462 Piesat China IPO - 416.16 2019 2008 Developer of remote sensing and image processing applications
463 PTScientists Germany M&A Zeitfracht Logistik 0.00 2019 2008 Manufacturer of lunar lander technology and reusable space infrastructure
464 Cobbett Hill Earth Station United Kingdom M&A CETel 0.00 2019 2006 Offering a comprehensive range of satellite communication services
440 AST & Science United States IPO/Reverse Merger - 1,800.00 2021 2017 Building the first and only space-based cellular broadband network to be accessible by standard smartphones
Company Name Country Exit Type Acquirer Exit Valuation ($M) Exit Date Year Founded Description