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This is the fourth installment of our  SpaceFund Reality (SFR) rating, focused on satellite servicing.

If you haven’t already, please consult our SpaceFund Reality (SFR) ratings page to learn more about the rating, its purpose, and the underlying formula, as well as to view a complete list of the SpaceFund sectors of interest. 

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The Funding column is set to sort alphabetically. Since this column contains alphabetic characters in some cells, it will sort alphabetically, not numerically and so the “-” character has been used to represent unavailable data. All other columns in the table will also sort alphabetically.

Important Note (Companies not Products): This database, and the SpaceFund Reality ratings, are based on COMPANIES, not specific products or technologies. 


How to Provide Updated Data

Have we missed your company? Do you feel that your company should have a different rating? Is the listed data inaccurate or outdated? Do you see missing data for your company? The best way to update your information in this database is to reach out to us directly to provide additional information about your technology, management team, funding history, and company progress. We are also eager to learn about any additional data sources that can help us in our ongoing research, so please feel free to share any resources you know of with our team.

Updates will be published on approximately a monthly basis.  

SpaceFund Reality (SFR) Rating

Satellite Servicing Database


wdt_ID Company SFR Category Altitude Funding Target First Launch Country HQ Location Description
1 SpaceLogistics (Northrop Grumman) 8 Relocation/Orbit Adjustment; Robotic Servicing GEO Public 2019 USA Falls Church, VA Providing cooperative in-orbit satellite servicing to geosynchronous satellite operators using a fleet of commercial servicing vehicles
2 Moog 7 Relocation/Orbit Adjustment GEO, LEO Public 0 USA East Aurora, NY Developing a propulsive tug for secondary payload deployment
3 Space Systems/Loral (Maxar Technologies) 7 Relocation/Orbit Adjustment; Robotic Servicing LEO Public 2022 USA Palo Alto, CA Building advanced robotic and systems and offering Space Infrastructure Services
4 Airbus 6 Debris Mitigation; Relocation/Orbit Adjustment; Robotic Servicing GEO, LEO Public 2023 France Toulouse End to end on-orbit services offered across three main domains: Maintenance & Inspection, Logistics, and Clean-Up
5 Astroscale 6 Debris Mitigation; Relocation/Orbit Adjustment LEO 132 2020 Japan Tokyo Aiding in the removal of orbital debris through the provision of End of Life and Active Debris Removal services
6 Thales 6 Debris Mitigation LEO Joint Venture 2025 France Cannes In-orbit servicing with a strong focus on debris removal
7 Altius Space Machines 5 Relocation/Orbit Adjustment; Robotic Servicing LEO - 0 USA Broomfield, CO Developing the Bulldog space tug
8 Busek 5 Debris Mitigation; Robotic Servicing LEO - 0 USA Natick, MA Satellite on an Umbilical Line (SOUL)is a small spacecraft tethered to a host to perform inspection, spacecraft repair, debris removal, and other on-orbit services
9 Effective Space 5 Relocation/Orbit Adjustment GEO 15 2020 United Kingdom London, England Providing satellite operators with life-extension and other in-orbit services
10 Momentus 5 Relocation/Orbit Adjustment GEO, LEO, MEO 33.92 2019 USA Santa Clara, CA Building the in-space equivalent of the connecting flight
Company SFR Category Altitude Funding Target First Launch Country HQ Location Description

SpaceFund Sectors of Interest

SpaceFund is interested in a number of sectors of the space economy, specifically Transportation, Communication, Human Factors, Supplies, and Energy. In the coming months we will post SFR ratings for companies from all of these sectors, providing a robust overview of the state of frontier-enabling companies across the industry. To begin, we have created an SFR database for the Earth-to-Space sub-sector of Transportation (launch), as well as a database for the Beyond Earth Orbit sub-sector of Communication, and the Habitats sector of Human Factors. Please check back frequently to view new sub-sector databases, and sign up to receive our emails to be notified of each new release.

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